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30s Sausage: Survival Master Download modded games for android 1 Survive in 30s by fighting and racing along multiple random 3D mini games. Gather experience & master random challenges will get your 3D sausage stay alive. Run adventure, hold your breath & twerk like master sausage! Customize your sausage n run with the time, winning is the target no matter what.

Panic sausage, let’s feel the runtastic and racejoy BUT keep an eye on your side. When you see the target, stop pulling and start to punch (or be punched) by others’ heads.

Without the sausage, a hotdog cannot be a complete and miraculous one. So, run sausage, be careful with the blade, the enemy ahead, and avoid draining out “saucy”, getting chopped, sliced, burned on the runway or the weiner gonna die.

Be the fastest and win the race! Tons of rewards including yummy sausages and weenie skins are waiting for you to choose and enjoy in this adventure created by 30s Sausage: Survival Master.

30s Sausage: Survival Master  screenshots 130s Sausage: Survival Master  screenshots 230s Sausage: Survival Master  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.abi.sausage.survival
Filename: 30s Sausage: Survival Master.APK

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