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2nd Gear Police Download modded games for android 1 Gas in the street with an Iranian car and escape from the police
Give gas and pull between the cars, just be careful not to hit the other car you are playing
Nitro and pass through your car like a soul, collect money and buy new cars so that you can drive faster than everyone else.
With Polat you can make your car stronger and get out faster than anyone
Peykan Pride car Soren Dena Megan Maxima Hyundai Accent BMW 2002 Mustang and Dodge Which one do you like?
There are a number of stages in which you can each record your highest record. One-way two-way road and thieves and police that you can play
Wait for the car and newer stages
Game features:
The style of play is in 3 modes: endless mission and police thief
It is also possible to buy new cars and update cars
High variety of Iranian and foreign cars, including:
Peykan Pride car Soren Dena Megan Maxima Hyundai Accent BMW 2002 Mustang and Dodge
Ability to play in stages and score and record
Ability to play in 3 different cities in 3 control styles
More than 100 missions
More than 10 Iranian and foreign cars
Ability to record the highest record in the leaderboard and also view the record of other players and friends
Various game colors with beautiful sound effects
Easy car control and simplicity of menus and games

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Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.minimalistgame.secondgearpolice
Filename: 2nd Gear Police.APK

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