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2 Player Racing 3D Download modded games for android 1 Welcome to 2 Players Racing!

In this game you can race with your friend through one device!

6 different tracks!

2 minigames: Chasing and Push

Chasing : Player 1 must catch Player 2!
Push : Players must push each other from the arena. Who falls from the arena loses the match!
Quick update!
Nitro bug fixed (again)
Shop bug fixed. I am so sorry but cars will be locked and you must buy it again if you bought them earlier. I am so so so sorry

Main uptade :
Added bunch of new cars!
Added shop system.
You can buy some cars!
Added currency system.
You can collect coins to buy cars.
By finishing a race or watching an ad, you can earn coins!
Car select screen changed.
Nitro bug fixed.
Free nitro with ad fixed.
Some changes in UI.
Some changes in Track 5.

2 Player Racing 3D screenshots 12 Player Racing 3D screenshots 22 Player Racing 3D screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.badaloffgames.twoplayercarbeta
Filename: 2 Player Racing 3D.APK
DOWNLOADs: 100,000+
Votes: 556

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