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마왕성에 닿아라! – 용병단 스토리 Download modded games for android 1 Blessedera Continent, a blessed land where various life and races exist
In this peaceful place without any major problems, a demon king suddenly appeared and a demon was born.

The demons slaughtered all races other than their own, and disturbed the balance and order of the world.
In the past, the demon king was sealed by the sacrifice of a saint named Rubra, but now, several centuries later, the demon king is resurrected and is disturbing the world again.
You, who have special powers, form a mercenary group to defeat the demon king and begin to take one step towards the demon king.

Where the Demon King is… Reach the Demon King Castle!

▣Create your own mercenary corps▣
A mercenary group can consist of 4 characters.
Make up a mercenary group with the characters you want from among the characters with various characteristics.

▣Idle play is also OK▣
With automatic battle, you can proceed with the exploration stage on your own without having to operate it.
It is the most optimal system for modern people who are busy playing games.

▣Various contents composition▣
There is no room for boredom as it provides fun and entertainment with various contents such as stories, explorations, and challenges.

▣High-quality dot graphic▣
The highest quality dot graphics in the history of existing mobile games add to the fun of the game.
You can experience the fun of watching and enjoying the cute and wonderful dot characters.

▣ Vibrant original painting ▣
To give life to the character, 2D animation and voice were applied to enhance the character’s immersion.
Jung Yoo-jeong, Son Seon-young, Park Go-woon, Moon Yu-jeong, and Kwak Yu-mi participated in the dubbing.

▣Official Cafe▣
Join the official cafe to receive coupons, events and many benefits.
Inquiries or bug reports can be delivered through the official cafe.

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마왕성에 닿아라! - 용병단 스토리  screenshots 1마왕성에 닿아라! - 용병단 스토리  screenshots 2마왕성에 닿아라! - 용병단 스토리  screenshots 3

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App ID: com.Cryptect.DemonCastleClient
Filename: 마왕성에 닿아라! – 용병단 스토리.APK

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