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風之國度 1.11.49 Download modded games for android 1 線上遊戲《Laplace拉普拉斯的神子》高品質改編製作,《風之國度》以中世紀劍與魔法為背景,清新療癒的手繪童話風格結合3D溫暖場景,玩家將在夢幻國度和遺跡深處奇遇萌寵、打怪探寶,展開一場愛與勇氣的奇幻冒險。

【萌寵相伴 變身守護】

【童話婚禮 手作家園】

【策略致勝 歡樂開團】

【時尚變裝 可愛出發】

The online game “Laplace Laplace’s Son of God” is made with high-quality adaptations. “The Kingdom of the Wind” is based on medieval swords and magic. The freshly hand-painted fairy tale style combines 3D warm scenes. Players will be in the dreamland and heritage. At the occasion of encountering cute pets, screaming for treasures, unfolding a fantasy adventure of love and courage.

====Game Features ====
[Meng pet accompanied by transforming guardian]
In a fairytale-like dream world, cute and changeable pets can not only guard the companion, but also take risks. Players can also transform into a specific soul card through the soul card system, and acquire unique and unique skills.

[Fairy Tale Wedding Hand Writer Garden]
邂逅 True love, mutual life! When you meet someone you like, join hands with him/her to the romantic St. Bai Church and make a promise to enter the marriage hall. In addition to adventure, you can also create a warm little home with the other half. Plant wheat, captive poultry, and baked crops to enjoy the fun of farming.

[Strategy Wins Happy Open Group]
Protect teammates and break through the defense! Play the role of players in different occupations, tactical output, and deepen friendship in the fun cooperation of stealing dragon eggs, participating in forest fireflies, and challenging the twelve constellations. There are more PK activities such as the sacred hegemony, the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Warriors League cross-service war, so that the marginal people are no longer marginal, so that life is no longer boring.

[Fashion Dress Up Cute Departure]
Animal Ear, Sailor Suit, Lolita, the appearance of all parts of the game can be handmade and free to wear! Change your mood before departure, go for a romantic adventure with a fat cute pet, kiss, dance, put a fireworks, and be amazed by him/her! Starting today, Meng loves to start.

According to the game software hierarchical management method, it is classified as “Secondary 12”
The game contains a slight (some characters wear clothing with prominent features), violence, inappropriate language, virtual love or marriage
Pay attention to using time and avoid indulging in games
Some content or services of the game will be charged separately.

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Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.xlegend.laplace.tw
Rating: 2.0
Filename: 風之國度1.11.49.APK
Required: Android 4.1+
DOWNLOADs: 500,000+
Votes: 37848

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