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関ヶ原演義:DL無料の人気戦国育成カードバトルゲームRPG Download modded games for android 1 関ヶ原演義の歴史が変わる…!?







The history of Sekigahara Jiyoshi changes …! What?
Make beautiful cards illustrations of beautiful card illustrations and warriors and make friends, run around Sekigahara!

■ What is “Sekigahara Jiyoshi”?
It is a social development card game that motifs “motto of Sekigahara” motto which is said to be a decisive battle of the bottom of the smartphone first breakthrough of 2 million members.

Tokugawa Ieyasu / Ishida Mitsunari / Toyotomi Hideyoshi / Uesugi Kenshin / Takeda Shingen / Oda Nobunaga / Date Masamune and other warlords as a member and participating in the “Sekigahara Battle” possible!

Just log in to Sekigahara right every day to get items useful for adventure ♪

■ Following the warlords of the archetype, organize your own troops and prepare for the battle
Many famous warlords appeared in history! Put it in your own troops and fight together!
Advance adventure and get cards or turn gacha to win rare cards and make the strongest Sengoku troops!

Let’s strengthen (foster) military commander and advance adventure
You can enjoy the historical story that arranged ‘Battle of Sekigahara’. Winning warlords and treasures by advancing stories!
Also, if you advance the story, you encounter enemy general, you can not proceed unless you knock down opponent.
If you win in battle, you can proceed with adventure and you can also appoint warlords who fought.
Foster Sengoku warriors who followed and defeat the enemies and defeat them!
When strengthening, train with “warrior reinforcement”! When you want a powerful character, turn gacha and acquire and train rare characters!

■ Collect the treasure and change the history by acquiring the legendary warrior!
If you collect more than one treasure you get in the story, you get the legendary warlords.
You can also win treasures by winning against a player with “one fight”!
“One-fighting” is a system that can fight with Sekigahara Jikei players nationwide, in addition to fighting for treasures, you get a reinforced catalog.

■ Play with card games with friends
You can become a battlefriend in a game with your friends! If you work with your fellows, you can proceed with stories and adventures advantageously!
Form an alliance and challenge battles and battles! Aim at the alliance line king top!
If you win the battle, you can get various rewards.
Also a limited time event is held, you can earn luxurious rewards that are only available at events, rare cards, stories and adventures! Let’s raise the battle / battle of the battle in cooperative play with the comrades!

関ヶ原演義:DL無料の人気戦国育成カードバトルゲームRPG screenshots 1関ヶ原演義:DL無料の人気戦国育成カードバトルゲームRPG screenshots 2関ヶ原演義:DL無料の人気戦国育成カードバトルゲームRPG screenshots 3

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