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超次元彼女: 神姫放置の幻想楽園 Download modded games for android 1 どんな時代でも、ヒーローと少女共にあり!

超次元彼女: 神姫放置の幻想楽園


超人気声優・花澤香菜も登場、早速「超次元彼女: 神姫放置の幻想楽園」の世界で冒険しましょう〜



『超次元彼女: 神姫放置の幻想楽園』の世界へようこそ!
There are heroes and girls at any age!
“Past” world heroes and “present” world girls.

Meet now on the stage of “Hyperdimension Girlfriend”
Super dimension girlfriend: fantasy paradise of the princess
Let’s create your own time with the girls from different worlds!

Super Dimension Game RPG
Meet various beautiful girls and form a team to conquer the world!

Super popular voice actor Kana Hanazawa also appeared, let’s adventure in the world of “ Hyperdimension Girlfriend: God Princess Abandoned Fantasy Paradise ” ~

[Game features]
・ You can play even for beginners.
・ Strengthen the equipment, train the characters, and become stronger and stronger!
-Don’t forget to train beautiful girls and make harem!
・ Various contents will be released as the adventure progresses!
-Challenge powerful guild bosses with your friends and create an invincible team!
-CV team led by super popular voice actor Kana Hanazawa appears, let’s head to the battlefield with your favorite character!

[Game appeal]
・ Special service for beginners! Just get a beautiful girl for free!
・ Casting and collection of powerful and beautiful rare equipment is possible!
-Perfect for killing time, even those who want to play in a little gap are very satisfied!
·attack! set! Withdraw! Open the door to victory with your command!
・ A must-see for those who want to play without stress!
・ Aim for the No.1 stadium and meet with players!

Now hit the super dimension door!
Welcome to the world of “Hyperdimension Girlfriend: Shinki-no-Israe no Fantasia Paradise”!

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App ID: jp.sunny.kanojo
Filename: 超次元彼女: 神姫放置の幻想楽園.APK
DOWNLOADs: 100,000+
Votes: 3793

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