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诛仙-中国第一仙侠手游 Download modded games for android 1 诛仙(Jade Dynasty)—中国第一仙侠!最强的中国仙侠MMOARPG免费手游,完美公测!






Jade Dynasty (Jade Dynasty)-China’s No. 1 Xian Xian! The strongest free mobile game of Chinese Xianxia MMOARPG, perfect public beta!
Classic characters such as Zhang Xiaofan, Baguio, Lu Xueqi, and others will continue their lead. Players will experience the situation and explore the inner world and love and hatred of each character.

❖Characteristic career competition-the peak of the blue clouds is dynamic, both positive and evil compared to the heroes ❖
The four classic professions of Qingyun, Ghost King, Tianyin and Hehuan are back in the arena! Thousands of skill combinations make character training more diverse!

❖Free flying in the sky-if there is a god in the sky, the entry is too clear if no one is there ❖
Experience the real harmony of humans and swords, flying freely, without any boundary and height restrictions, indulge your vision!

❖The magic weapon re-emerges in the arena-Dihua and Tianbao are all artifacts, and the treasure house of heaven and earth is rare and precious ❖
The battle for magic weapons is fully launched! Famous magic weapons such as Zhuxian Sword, Albizia Bell, Sad Flower, Blood Devouring Pearl, etc. reappear in the arena, invite you to continue writing the legend of Zhuxian.

❖Revisit the past feelings-Meteorite with thousands of hammers, the golden armor is finally forged ❖
Inheriting Zhuxian’s classic gameplay, players can show millions of equipment changes through the refiner, and watch the wonderful magical skills of the refiner in the live room!

❖Capturing the naughty partner-the fairy pet is cute and the shadow is Linglong, the fetters of the battlefield follow the left and right ❖
Animals, monsters, beasts, and characters seen in Zhuxian World can all be turned into pets, providing players with a wealth of attributes to assist in the fight-making career development routes more diversified!

❖Diversified social interactions-a thousand miles of marriage is one-liner, and be alert on all sides ❖
The world of Zhuxian is perilous. Players can start a duel in any scene, or they can be fully committed, so that everyone can witness their strength together! Automatically and accurately match friends based on player behavior information, allowing players to find friends on the journey in Zhuxian World, restore the classic love and immortal stories of Xiaofan and Zhuxian in Zhuxian’s novels, and at the same time have the perfect world of beautiful martial arts, fantasy China Xianxia classic legendary masterpiece.
● 全新玩法火热开放

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