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育てて!マイニャンコ♪ Download modded games for android 1 ★最高のペット養成ソーシャルゲーム、大人気を集めた「育てて!マイワンコ」の姉妹編が強力来撃!

プラットフォーム:Android, iOS, ウェブSNS(Web)





★DIY で異なるスタイル風格の家具とアクセサリーを作り、個性に満ちた家をデザインして装飾。→家のデザインでを装飾建築マスターになってみよう。

★ pet training social game best, companion piece collection of extreme popularity “! Maiwanko grow” is coming strong hammer!

★ cat mystery, full of personality is bring innovative gaming experience cute.
★ essence of the original game at the same time that was reserved and tried to break through in various fields, we are continuing to progress. → Our company has continued to progress
Platform: Android, iOS, web SNS (Web)
Game Type: Simulation pet training game
Screen type: 3d
Game Features

★ cat of a different white Angola Ragdoll, Russian Blue cat Toramadara co-tissue fold-Tanukihana cat, black cat … a lot of personality. Pick it from you prefer → belongs to your indulgence, I back it up to take home.

★ Aim You can look after, or doing water and the Eh, you can not get into the bath, etc. and play together, and continue to grow along with the cat, and to become very good friends.

★ cat docile by smarter, learn and behavior expression a lot. Figure after another Moe in interaction with you

★ I choose a new trendy clothing coming out one after another, I’ll decorate the cute cute cat. The mood of your cute personality, beautiful, cool … all!

★ Make a accessories and furniture style personality different DIY, decor a designer house full of personality. → Let’s become a decoration building in the master design of the house.
★ It is possible to come and go freely to the scene, such as indoor and garden-city block, playground, beauty contest.
★ Let’s make a new friend also, if there visit each other friends → to visit with each other and friends. By I’ll take care of the cat friend, find the coin, let’s share the harvest and encouragement!
★ Looking for companion favorite for the cat, also between the cat love of pounding (love) → love love! The most important thing is that yo ~ Hallam crystals love love →

★ It is trying to demonstrate to one’s heart’s content and performance personality of the cat, such as athletic beauty contest charm pk, in a variety of game experience. → in a variety of game experience

育てて!マイニャンコ♪ screenshots 1育てて!マイニャンコ♪ screenshots 2育てて!マイニャンコ♪ screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.yx.sunnykittiesjp
Filename: 育てて!マイニャンコ♪.APK
DOWNLOADs: 100,000+
Votes: 1483

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