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皇上吉祥2 Download modded games for android 1 《皇上吉祥2》是以皇帝第壹視角為主線的策略養成類遊戲,故事發生在明末清初,穿越大清登基即位,本以為是太平盛世,怎料各方勢力紛爭不斷,朝廷權臣當道,邊疆炮火連天,江山社稷危在旦夕,壹場關乎國家社稷的大戰,正在悄然發酵。

【男女帝王 任君選擇】
【名臣招募 厲兵秣馬】
【聯盟爭霸 勝者為王】
【壹代明君 封號千古】
【群雄逐鹿 壹代英豪】
【田園之樂 品味佳肴】
“Emperor Auspicious 2” is a strategy-based game based on the Emperor’s third point of view. The story takes place in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, and it is considered to be a peaceful and peaceful world through the Daqing. It is expected that the forces of the parties will continue to struggle. When the road, the frontier artillery fires in the sky, the Jiangshan community is in danger, the market is about the national social war, is quietly fermenting.

[Men and women emperors choose]
Support the conversion of the female emperor, through the female emperor, after the reincarnation of the nephew, the palace is good, and experience the majesty of the female version of the world.
[Recruitment of famous ministers]
Including the famous emperors of the Sui Dynasty, the famous ancients, the cultivation of qualifications, the title of the title, the extension of the territory, who can help the world?
[Allied hegemony winner is king]
Conclude neighboring countries to form alliances, cross-service alliance warfare, brothers gather, attack the city and plunder the land, and compete for the real hegemon.
[壹代明君, the title of the ages]
Competing for the title of Ming Jun, full service, and competing for comprehensive national strength to take massive rewards, resources will not stop.
[Groups of heroes 壹代英豪]
In the chaos of the chaos, the four heroes, the war of the cross-service kings filled with smoke, the famous ministers confronted, and decided to fight the battlefield.
[Country music, taste food]
Enjoy the idyllic music, the world-famous treasures, the new interactive upgrades of friends, the culinary treasures, and the taste of the world.

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