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疾風幕末演義 Download modded games for android 1 ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー















◆◆ Newcomer support start dash campaign in progress ◆◆
・ You can choose from 15 bodies! Ready-to-use starter deck!
Up to 5 super famous scholars such as “Ryoma Sakamoto” and “Kogoro Katsura”!

・ [Limited to 7 days from registration] 11 consecutive gachas are free once a day!
On the 1st and 7th days, the rarity LR scholars were confirmed!

◆◆ Further! Luxury benefits of newcomer support ◆◆
-Achieve all the simple special missions and get a rare SR “Tensho-in Atsushi” as a gift!
・ Experience points are 20 times higher up to Lv.200! Let’s advance the story!
・ Rare Shishi gacha tickets are being granted as you level up!
・ A great campaign to get items worth 30,000 yen!

Gather super-powerful scholars and set yourself apart from your rivals!

The dawn of Japan is near.
Run through the end of the Edo period like a gale and become a new era!
A sequel to the popular app “Sekigahara Engi”. The second in the “Yanyi series”!

■■ Thanks to you for the 8th anniversary! ■■

・ What is “Gale Bakumatsu Performance”?

At the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, swordfighters and swordfighters who shine like shining stars in the history of Japan were divided into “opening of the country” and “sonnojoi”, and “defeating” and “samurai”.
As you travel through the world of the end of the Edo period, you will gather attractive scholars and fight against hostile forces to lead your power to victory.

・ Advance the “story” and join famous scholars!

We will run around the world of the end of the Edo period based on historical facts with Ryoma, and we will continue to join the famous scholars we meet.

・ A lineup of attractive “shishi”!

Many famous scholars who color the world at the end of the Edo period have appeared!
Ryoma Sakamoto, Souji Okita, Takamori Saigo, Katsu Kaishu, Atsushi Tenshoin, Yoshinobu Tokugawa, Hanpeita Takechi, etc.
More than 100 scholars are revived with beautiful cards!

・ “Evolve” the Shishi to create the strongest unit!

By synthesizing different scholars and “strengthening” them, you can improve their abilities.
You can combine the same scholars and make them “evolve” in three stages.
As it evolves, it will not only improve its capabilities, but will also change to a more attractive design.

・ Form a “Shishi Corps” and destroy the opposition!

Form a “Shishi corps” with close friends and survive the turmoil at the end of the Edo period, which was divided into two groups, the “Bakumatsu faction” and the “Bakufu faction”.

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