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流星群俠傳:真靈化龍 Download modded games for android 1 跨世代競技武俠手遊,開啟全民動作時代!





Cross-generational competitive martial arts mobile game, opening the era of national action!
Refuse the VIP system, refuse all automatic, refuse numerical value rolling, and do one by one!
In the face of the attack, they waited for the opportunity, dodged lightly, jumped up lightly on the wall, and then used a powerful fall attack.

[Liberation of occupational restrictions, free collocation of hundreds of weapons]
. Adventure in the martial arts, regardless of career choice, depends on the combination of weapons!
. Martial arts master Cheng Xiaodong took the lead in the design, starting with swords, guns, hammers and gloves.
. Weapons have outstanding characteristics and distinct advantages. For example, long spears are good at mid-range containment and aerial combos; swords emphasize flexible combat and a degree of advance and retreat.
Only those who are familiar with the weapons in hand can be invincible in the arena!

[Customize the secrets of martial arts, the winning route is yours]
. Which martial arts routine is the strongest? The first private house routine!
. Each weapon provides more than 20 sets of derivative moves, with different fighting styles!
. Are your gloves good at quick combos of storms, or are you able to break away with one blow at the right time?
Roll up your sleeves and find the most suitable unique and winning routine!

[Refuse no-brain automatic, challenge the player’s operating limit]
It’s 2019, are you still auto-path finding and auto-fighting?
Every day of the mediocre, are you playing games or being played by games?
. This work removes the automatic system, and every victory in the arena is achieved with both hands!
. Want to get to know more martial arts masters and soft cute girls? Just take a free adventure everywhere!

[Eliminate the VIP system, absolutely fair ladder competition]
Tired of VIP privileges and value rolling? “Meteor Heroes” gives you the fairest martial arts!
Here, the tuition fee can make you a little more convenient, but it can’t make you reach the sky in one step.
. The original ladder system, all the combat power values ​​are leveled out, relying on technology to win.
. Want to get diamonds? Operation plus strategy is the only way to victory!

[Brand new engine, movie images can be received in the palm]
. Unreal 3 engine developed and built, 60 frames are just the basics!
. The subtle light and shadow changes every minute and every second, and the plants and trees in the rivers and lakes can be seen.
. The classic plot of “Meteor Heroes” is perfectly presented, and the characters in the book are vivid.
In the inter-generational picture, every battle is an action movie!

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