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晴天小狗2 Download modded games for android 1 ★風靡全球的免费3D寵物網路社群遊戲-晴天小狗續作,萌寵養成強力再升級!!★



【語音訓練 萌狗調教】首創獨特的語音訓練及手勢系統,讓您遊戲裡也成為萌狗訓練大師。
【多樣互動 全面升級】玩轉運動場,狗狗也有自己的奧運會啦!
【公園互動 即時交友】全新的公園場景,即時的聊天互動系統,讓您隨時結識更多喜歡狗狗的朋友。更有絢麗的煙花,搞怪惡作劇,浪漫開心兩不誤。
【魅力裝扮 選秀大比拼】誰是時尚達人?魅力秀場時尚大比拼,讓您和您的狗狗成為Super Star!!!。
【繁育系統 無限可能】在晴天小狗養育系統基礎上,小狗2不僅完整延續了前作的遺傳系統,更加入純種狗狗特殊基因獲取,使後代擁有無限未知可能。趕緊加入晴天為你的小狗選擇心儀的伴侶,贏取白富美高富帥,登上人生巔峰吧!
【個性家居 隨心裝飾】更加精美、多樣化的傢俱和飾品,讓喜歡DIY的你想停都停不下來!

★ rage pet free 3D online community games – sunny puppy sequel, Meng pet to develop a strong upgrade! ! ★

2014 fashion new tour, give you a different experience.

★ We have ten million users sunny finally launched a new puppy for you, the game’s good reputation to uphold sunny, full breakthrough before the design, adds a variety of features:

Adorable dog training [voice] pioneered tuning unique voice and gesture training system, the game also allows you to become adorable dog training guru.
[Fun] full upgrade diverse interactive playground, dogs also have their own Olympic Games it!
[Park] new interactive instant friends park scenes, interactive real-time chat system, so you can always make more friends like dogs. More brilliant fireworks, Funny prank, romantic happy correct.
[Competition] charm dress pick up people who are fashion? Competition glamor fashion show, so you and your dog become a Super Star !!!.
[Possibilities] breeding system in sunny puppy rearing system, based on two puppies before the continuation of not only the complete genetic system, adding more purebred dogs get specific genes, so that future generations may have unlimited unknown. Quickly joined sunny choice for your favorite dog companion, winning white Formica rich handsome, boarded the pinnacle of life now!
Personalized home decor] [heart more beautiful and diverse furniture and accessories, so like you want to stop all the DIY not stop!

★ quickly into our world Meng pet bar, sunny look forward to new and old puppy two players to join!

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