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我要闯江湖 1.0.428 Download modded games for android 1 《我要闯江湖》是一款武侠题材的养成游戏,玩家将扮演游戏中的主角闯荡江湖。经典武侠元素,游戏一应俱全,包括门派、功法、神兵、帮派、结缘、甚至还有各种原创剧情,供玩家体验。



【六大门派 传世武学】

【神兵利器 江湖争夺】

【江湖儿女 多情难断】

【恩怨无期 厮杀无常】

“I want to run into the rivers and lakes” is a martial arts theme development game, the player will play the protagonist in the game to run through the rivers and lakes. Classic martial arts elements, the game has everything, including sects, exercises, magic weapons, gangs, ties, and even a variety of original plots for players to experience.

The game owner is open-minded. This is an open world. The social relationship between players is the core experience of the game. You can choose to be a righteous knight to hunt down criminals, or you can be a martial idiot who concentrates on practicing without asking the world. You can even bully everywhere. Weak bullies, everything depends on your choice.

Game features:

【Six Martial Arts Schools: Handed down martial arts】
The game is designed with six major sects: Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Beggar Gang, Hehuan and Mingjiao. Players can freely choose to join and practice their martial arts. Each martial art school has different characteristics, and there are original martial arts tactics, which can be described as the world’s unique school.

[The weapon of the gods, the battle between the rivers and lakes]
In addition to the familiar Dragon Sword and the Heavenly Sword, the game also designed dozens of weapons, and the player wants to obtain it, they need to collect a rather evil prop-murderous spirit. Murderous aura can only be obtained by killing designated monsters, or by killing other players, and is used to cultivate and upgrade one’s own weapons.

[The children of the rivers and lakes are passionate and hard to tell]
Numerous NPCs are a major feature of the game. Players can get acquainted with all kinds of NPCs, including the high-profile heroes, the evil beauties, and the younger sisters of the same school. After interacting through the plot, or giving gifts, you can increase the other person’s favorability towards you, unlock the plot, and even become a heroine and accompany you in the world.

[Unexpected grievances, fight against impermanence]
Except for the “safe island” map, players can attack each other when they meet on any other map, without any level, no combat power, and no restrictions. Therefore, in this arena, vendettas occur at any time, sometimes it may be a fight for a boss reward, sometimes it may be purely because you are not pleasing to the eye. And a small grievance may eventually evolve into a large-scale fight between the two gangs.

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App ID: com.jhnxs.azxm
Filename: 我要闯江湖1.0.428.APK
Required: Android 4.4+
DOWNLOADs: 50,000+
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