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成語填填字: 免費成語接龍小遊戲,學習國語的好助手 Download modded games for android 1 古色古香的遊戲畫風和背景音樂,操作簡單的遊戲設置,引人入勝的遊戲玩法,多樣化的趣味文字謎題,這款益智力成語接龍小遊戲,在方格之間,縱横交錯中,考驗你的文字儲備!簡單易上手,難度逐步增加,闖關模式,學習與挑戰兼備。寓教於樂,讓你在遊戲中感受文字的魅力!





Antique game style and background music, simple game settings, fascinating gameplay, diversified interesting text puzzles, this intellectual idiom solitaire game, between the squares, in the crisscross, will test you Text reserve! Simple and easy to use, the difficulty gradually increases, the pass mode, both learning and challenge. Education is entertaining, let you feel the charm of words in the game! To

Rules explanation:
Idiom Filling and Filling-Idiom Solitaire is a fun free online game for breaking through the level text. The game interface is composed of different horizontal and vertical spaces. Under the prompt of the known text, fill in the scattered text below correctly into the criss-crossed top In the space of words, compose the correct idiom to win the game!

Game features:
-Play through levels, increasing difficulty, entertaining and entertaining, children can also gradually learn Chinese idioms
-Walking idiom library, contact at any time, play without internet
-Antique game interface, fresh and eye-protecting style every day
-Gradually unlock game levels and master the mystery of Taiwanese idioms through accumulation
-Smart and soothing game music, perfect decompression, relax the brain
-The rule description is clear at a glance, you can get started, and the operation is simple
-Answer explanation, similar to the idiom dictionary dictionary, let you learn quickly
-Hint and help function help you pass the level quickly
-Cultivation mode takes you to appreciate the classic biography, and enjoy the experience of court officials as soon as possible
-Bright eyes, guess pictures every day, enjoy the alternative gameplay of looking at pictures, guessing idioms and idioms

The screen is fresh and moving, the operation is simple and easy to understand, and it is both fun and learning. Come to a game in your free time, let your super brain pierce, and challenge the king of wisdom in the idiom question and answer room. Unlike mathematics, it is free from the trouble of writing, away from the entanglement of phonetic symbols, and does not need a keyboard to type text. The Literary Dictionary of the Ministry of Education, including the brain games of Kangxi Dictionary, brainstorming, challenge your IQ.

Whether boys or girls, single or double, let’s see who is the real king of knowledge. Stand-alone game, no Internet, play offline, Mengdian wish you an early master of idioms!

*According to the game classification management method, this software is universal and can be used by any age.
*This game is free to use, no in-app purchase form.
*Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.

成語填填字: 免費成語接龍小遊戲,學習國語的好助手 screenshots 1成語填填字: 免費成語接龍小遊戲,學習國語的好助手 screenshots 2成語填填字: 免費成語接龍小遊戲,學習國語的好助手 screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.wordpuzzle.chengyu
Filename: 成語填填字: 免費成語接龍小遊戲,學習國語的好助手.APK
DOWNLOADs: 1,000,000+
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