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弾幕の器2 Download modded games for android 1 弾幕の器2は7種のアイテムを駆使して敵を攻略する「弾幕シューティングゲーム」です。敵は100種類!。さらに4つのモードが楽しめる!

youtubeに攻略動画をアップしました。行き詰まっている方はyoutubeにて「弾幕の器2 攻略」で検索してみてください。
Barrage’s Tank 2 is a “barrage shooting game” that exploits enemies with seven kinds of items. 100 enemies! . There are 4 more modes to enjoy!
● Common rules
Your shield system will withstand up to 4 damage. However, as damage varies depending on the type of enemy bullets, attention (bigger bullets cause more damage).
● EASY mode
The beginning is a tutorial. Let’s challenge after checking the menu text.
With automatic sighting, you can concentrate on shielding relatively.
● HARD mode
From here it is real. A barrage game that added elements of puzzle. The point is to weaken the enemy ship using items.
○ For advanced users
In the HARD mode, the number of diamonds displayed in the menu changes according to the situation at the time of clearing. The diamond acquisition conditions are as follows and three can be acquired if all the conditions are satisfied at the same time.
· Capture enemies
· No damage at the time of attack
· When the timer is over 0 or more
For those who were able to capture all of the previous ship, it is also possible to clear with no damage, but in order to capture before the timer becomes 0 you need to use the item.
● HELL mode
A mode in which a support machine is added instead of using weapons. I think that the degree of difficulty will rise, I can clear it unexpectedly.
● Lunatic mode
HELL mode is unexpectedly simple, so we added it suddenly. Neither weapons nor support aircraft. Since there is no more shield, even if one shot hits, it ends.

I uploaded a capture video on youtube. Those who are stuck on the youtube please try searching with “Barrage’s Equipment 2 Capture”.

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