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少女平和:Shining Maiden Download modded games for android 1 韓國原創動畫級手遊《少女平和:Shining Maiden》
由韓國BIG DIPPER開發,結合動畫與遊戲的冒險養成RPG,玩家將扮演男主角「本」,與兒時玩伴艾莉卡和眾多少女們一同踏上冒險之旅。







Korean original animated mobile game “Girl Peace: Shining Maiden”
Developed by BIG DIPPER of South Korea, an animation and game adventure to develop RPG, players will play the protagonist “Ben”, with childhood playmate Erica and many girls on an adventure journey.

“From today, my daily life is to protect her peace!”


The story takes place in an ordinary village-Bell Village.
In order to realize the agreement to celebrate the birthday together with Erica, the daughter of Benjamin, Ben sneaked into the St. Rosemary Women’s College where Erica attended, but unexpectedly encountered an unknown monster… ?
This unexpected incident prevented the principal, Johnson, from investigating the intrusion into the women’s college, and assigned Ben and Erica to embark on an adventure to investigate the cause of the monster’s loss of control.

During the journey, Ben accidentally found an object with a mysterious light in the forest. At this time, a whisper came in his ear:
“My name Norne, please bring me back to the right world line.”

Accompanying it is the sound of the gear of destiny turning…


*The content of this game involves sexual and mild violence, and it is classified as auxiliary level 12 according to the game software classification management method.
*This game is free to use. There are also paid services such as buying virtual game currency and items. Please consume appropriately according to your personal ability.
*Please pay attention to the game time to avoid excessive addiction.

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