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天涯幻夢 Download modded games for android 1 修仙不苦!寵物組合陪你戰,放置無限升等!





*Android 5.0 或以上版本
*處理器:2.0GHz 以上



客服問題請至遊戲左上角點選”G”浮標聯繫我們,或來信:[email protected]

Cultivation is not bitter! Pet combinations accompany you to fight, place unlimited upgrades!
You are not tired from fighting! Cross-server alliance battles are led by someone, enter the arena to send Tier 7 red weapons!
Sweet but not greasy! Complete love is difficult to be single, but it is difficult to meet true love in a mixed bath!

[Still in “You just attacked my village”? 】
The new gameplay of “War Soul Warriors” is online, and the strength of the soul bone is soaring!
“Peak Showdown” limited-time cross-server alliance battle, thousands of people are waiting for you to fight!
A new copy of “Soul Demon Mountain”! All leagues join forces to bring newbies to upgrade!
“Meditate Offline” Set up a cultivator at work, and face the boss after get off work!

[Tired of seeing super-mad and super-killing beast pets? 】
“Pet Bonds” new cute pet combination system! Share a million combat power!
“Hatch the Kundan” not only fight together! Riding is the best pet!
Collect the most diverse spirit pets, holy beasts, cute cats and dogs to choose from!
You can fight, you can win a fight with the SSR monster!

[Come here, still want to be single? 】
“Yao Chi” mixed bathing encounters, talk about love, love regardless of gender!
“Yue Lao Miao” is not afraid of not finding love, I am afraid of waiting in line for marriage!
Raiders Meiyan sisters and sisters! Take away the little master Gao Leng!
“Confession, token, couple copy, wedding banquet, baby and child”
The complete love process is truly presented at your fingertips!

[Think this is just a simple fairy? 】
“3D full viewing angle” flawless operation, unlimited travel around the world!
“Fancy gameplay” market, 3V3, big melee, endless fairy roads.
Refining and cultivating immortals, fighting on the battlefield, making friends with fishermen’s songs, and strolling in the red dust, only here can you fulfill your wish!

Minimum system requirements:
*Android 5.0 or above
*Processor: above 2.0GHz
*Memory: 2GB
*Available storage space: 5GB reserved

Please allow the relevant save permissions in order to fully utilize the features of this game.
“Storage” is used to store game data and save services related to game data.

*This game is classified into 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
*This game is free to download and contains some paid content.
*Don’t use it continuously for a long time and imitate it inappropriately, pay attention to rest.

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For customer service questions, please click on the “G” buoy in the upper left corner of the game to contact us, or write to: [email protected]

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