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ブレインブーム:言語系なぞなぞゲーム、で脳トレ 1.331 Download modded games for android 1 脳トレが好きですか。このブレインブームは貴方にぴったりですよ!数百問の言語系なぞなぞを通じて脳トレができます。面白いものから意味深いものへ、簡単なものから難しいものへ、これらのなぞなぞはまさに絶賛な暇つぶしになります!それだけでなく、知識の習得も頭の体操もできるに違いません!


ブレインブーム 特徴:

Do you like brain training? This brain boom is perfect for you! You can train your brain through hundreds of linguistic riddles. From funny to meaningful, from easy to difficult, these riddles are just a must-see! Not only that, you must be able to acquire knowledge and do brain teasers!

How to play:
★ Guess the answer by looking at the riddle problem
★ Tap the candidate letters in the correct order and enter the answer in the block
★ It’s easy at first, but it gets harder and harder as you keep playing.
★ Let’s answer using three tools: one that erases undecided characters in the block, one that randomly represents a hint of one character, one that erases all unnecessary characters
★ To solve problems one by one using hints

Brain boom Features:
★ Many riddles
★ Tips that can be used in case of trouble
★ The level gradually becomes stricter
★ Lots of difficult and challenging interesting problems
★ Various achievements can be released by continuing to play
★ Tips If you run out of tools, you can receive them for free every day.
★ Easy to play, difficult to clear
★ No internet connection required, you can play at any time

Download Brain Boom and get brain training for free! And please try to reach the final level. Have fun guessing the answer word! I am spending my days enjoying the challenge of word puzzles!


ブレインブーム:言語系なぞなぞゲーム、で脳トレ 1.331 screenshots 1ブレインブーム:言語系なぞなぞゲーム、で脳トレ 1.331 screenshots 2ブレインブーム:言語系なぞなぞゲーム、で脳トレ 1.331 screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.brain.teaser.word.puzzlegame
Filename: ブレインブーム:言語系なぞなぞゲーム、で脳トレ1.331.APK
Required: Android 5.0+
DOWNLOADs: 50,000+

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