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スマカノ〜 初恋、覚えていますか? 0.98 Download modded games for android 1 ■紹介







深夜の学校でしか獲得できないNP(Night Point)を貯めよう!


■ Introduction
Gorgeous high school life starting today ───.
The hearts of the three heroines that change daily depending on your choice.
Who is she confessing to her graduation ceremony during her three years of high school?

● Friends from junior high school “Yui Mashima” Karate girl “Honoka Isumi” and Hananoi Group’s only successor “Sakura Hananoi”

Who is your girlfriend in this?
Nurturing x romance simulation game to enjoy with them who are full of individuality and charm!

● A thrilling date with her on Sunday!

If you take the courage to call her, you might have a chance to date on the weekend.

She may invite me to a date!
And at the end of the date, skinship and XXX.

● A lullaby that she only tells you
She’ll let you hear a lullaby just for you!

● School life alone is not enough …
Let’s go on an expedition to school at midnight to get to know her better!
Acquire items while enjoying various mini games,
Collect NPs (Night Points) that can only be earned at midnight school!

● Put on the costume of your choice and become a “girlfriend only for me”!
What is the perfect outfit for “my girlfriend”, such as maid clothes, swimwear, gym clothes, and training clothes?

● Is this a game or homework that I have accumulated …
Goodbye to real-time based quests that get tired of doing.
Various new sensation quests that can be enjoyed according to the flow of time in the game!
「スマカノ〜 初恋、覚えていますか?」リリースいたしました。

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App ID: com.pisoftbeta.firstlove
Filename: スマカノ〜 初恋、覚えていますか?0.98.APK
Required: Android 5.0+
DOWNLOADs: 1,000+
Votes: 19

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