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エレクトリアコード AI育成シミュレーション(ElectriarCode~フルオートAIアクション) 1.6.8 Download modded games for android 1 エレクトリアコード




・羽澄 愛 (従順ボイス)
・さくらぎ咲子 (年上ボイス)
・ナユキ ユズ (元気ボイス)
・犬塚いちご (やさぐれボイス)
・春希ジュン (武人ボイス)
・横沢葵 (幼いボイス)
Electria code

Set in the popular world of electric multipurpose humanoid device with a total length of 20 cm
Create your own heroine and win the battle with your rivals.

◆ Game features
・ Action battle with the heroine raised autonomously
・ You can enjoy dynamic actions that were not possible with conventional smartphone games.
・ The heroine can be edited freely
・ Let’s deepen the bond with your own heroine
・ Equipment varies from mecha musume to kemonomimi daughter
・ Change various equipment and grab the victory

◆ Recommended for people like this!
・ I want to play slowly for free
・ I’m interested in action games, but I’m not good at operating them myself.
・ I like to collect and change various equipment
・ I love the fighting heroine

◆ Cast information
・ Ai Hazumi (obedience voice)
・ Sakiko Sakuragi (older voice)
・ Nayuki Yuzu (Genki Voice)
・ Inuzuka Strawberry (Yasagure Voice)
・ Jun Haruki (Samurai Voice)
・ Aoi Yokozawa (young voice)

エレクトリアコード AI育成シミュレーション(ElectriarCode~フルオートAIアクション) 1.6.8 screenshots 1エレクトリアコード AI育成シミュレーション(ElectriarCode~フルオートAIアクション) 1.6.8 screenshots 2エレクトリアコード AI育成シミュレーション(ElectriarCode~フルオートAIアクション) 1.6.8 screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.elabo.ElectoriarCode
Filename: エレクトリアコード AI育成シミュレーション(ElectriarCode~フルオートAIアクション)1.6.8.APK
Required: Android 4.1+
DOWNLOADs: 50,000+
Votes: 13235

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