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アカシッククロニクル~黎明の黙示録 1.1.186 Download modded games for android 1 気づいたら強くなってる異世界RPG、絶賛配信中!


– 広大なフィールドから闘技場、城下町の酒場まで、未知なる大陸を冒険しよう。
– 白熱のバトル、100人を超える英雄たちの冒険譚、黎明の地の物語を体験しよう。

– 7つのタイプのヒーローを編成し、最強チームを作ろう。
– 5つのクラス、さまざまなスキルや装備、多様な組み合わせを試そう。
– ユニークな采配で格上の敵に打ち勝とう。

– オフラインでも素敵な報酬を獲得!
– オートプレイで手軽に勝利!
– 初心者に優しい簡単操作!

– 7日間のログインでSSRヒーローなどの豪華報酬が貰える。
– 多彩なゲームモードで様々な報酬を手に入れよう。
– 物語を進めながら大量の報酬を獲得しよう。

– ワンステップでフレンド登録。
– フリーチャットで新たなフレンドを作ろう。
– フレンドとギルドを作り、ギルドバトルに挑もう!

– ファンタジーに満ちた異世界を冒険したい
– じっくりRPGをプレイする時間が無い
– 複雑なシステムが苦手
– 無料で遊べるゲームを探している


A different world RPG that is getting stronger when you notice it, now being delivered!
You can get a free SSR by logging in for a new 7 days!

Easy-to-operate high-quality neglected RPG.
When the land of dawn was on the verge of ruin, the legendary “Apocalypse” reappeared in the world …
This is the story of a battle to save the world.

[Adventure in the unknown world]
-Adventure on an unknown continent, from vast fields to arenas and taverns in castle towns.
-Experience incandescent battles, adventures of over 100 heroes, and the story of the land of dawn.

[Easy and highly strategic battle]
-Organize 7 types of heroes and create the strongest team.
—— Try 5 classes, different skills and equipment, and different combinations.
-Defeat superior enemies with a unique look.

[You can win even if you leave it alone, battle by letting go]
-Get great rewards even offline!
–Easy victory with auto play!
–Easy operation that is kind to beginners!

[A lot of rewards, you can win without paying]
――You can get luxurious rewards such as SSR hero by logging in for 7 days.
-Get various rewards in various game modes.
-Get a lot of rewards as you progress through the story.

[Easy friend registration, adventure together]
-Register as a friend in one step.
-Make new friends with free chat.
-Create a guild with your friends and challenge the guild battle!

“Aca Chic Chronicle-Apocalypse of Dawn” is suitable for you!
――I want to explore a different world full of fantasy
――I don’t have time to play RPG carefully
–I’m not good at complicated systems
–I’m looking for a game that I can play for free

[Official Twitter]

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Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.moonton.akakuro
Rating: 10.0
Filename: アカシッククロニクル~黎明の黙示録1.1.186.APK
Required: Android 4.3+
DOWNLOADs: 100,000+
Votes: 7753

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