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みんなの将棋 – 100段階のレベルと対局・詰将棋・講座で実力アップ! Download modded games for android 1 初心者から有段者まで、みんなのための将棋アプリ。








(1) 対局モードを追加
・戦法を選び、最高四段の棋力と対局できる「金沢将棋 四段」

(2) 日替わり詰将棋

(3) 上達モードに強さを追加

(4) 広告の削除

自動更新の解約をおこなうには、Google Playより手続きをおこなってください。


A shogi app for everyone, from beginners to staged people.
This is also the game, Tsume shogi and Shogi introduction!

Premium members add more tactics and more than 200 levels!

●● 100 levels of “regular games” that you can play for free ●●
Weak levels are weak! Strong levels are strong!
Equipped with 100 levels with different tactics.

[Collect medals and get boards and pieces! ]
You can get medals by winning the computer.
When you collect this medal, you can add boards and pieces that you can change.

●● Must-see for beginners! Progress Mode ●●
Equipped with “Progress Mode” recommended for beginners who can’t beat a computer in “regular games”!
Aiming to win from a specific board will help you to improve.

●● Challenge every day! Daily shogi ●●
Questions “1 handed, 3 handed, 5 handed, 7 handed” every day!
Let’s challenge Shogi Shogi and train the final stage strength !!

●● Recorded “Shogi classroom” for beginners ●●
A shogi lesson for beginners, including how to move pieces and rules, is included!

●● Let’s become a premium member and play even more !! ●●
A premium member costs 360 yen per month and is a service where you can receive various benefits.

(1) Added game mode
The following two game modes are added.
・ 200 levels of “Kanazawa Shogi 200” to challenge more tactics
・ “Kanazawa Shogi 4th Dan” that allows you to choose a tactic and play against a maximum of 4th shogi power

(2) Daily shogi
You can enjoy the daily special shogi for one week.

(3) Strength added to progress mode
In the improvement mode, you can select the strength from 3 levels.

(4) Removal of advertisement
Ads in the game will be removed.

* Precautions regarding premium members
Premium members are automatically renewed (charged).
After registration, it will be automatically renewed unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the usage period.
To cancel the automatic update, go to Google Play.
It is not possible to support the daily charge of the usage charge, or cancel or refund the usage registration period.

-The problem of “Daily Tsume shogi” will be given from another app “Minna no Tsume shogi”.
・ “Introduction to Shogi” is an excerpt from another application “Minna no Shogi Class I”.
・ Additional game mode is effective for playing shogi, so it communicates with shogi servers.

■ Characteristics of “Shogi of Everyone”
・ Shogi game, tsume shogi, shogi introduction is this one!
・ Compete against 100 levels for free!
・ As for stuffed shogi, one-handed / three-handed / five-handed / seven-handed quizzes are given daily!
・ Shogi class that is safe for those who play shogi for the first time.
・ Even if you are new to shogi
・ Ideal for crushing castor, 1-pack, 3-pack, 5-pack, 7-pack
・ Shogi master with all shogi
-Additional game mode is a dedicated shogi server and online game.
・ Shogi that even beginners can learn from the basics such as rules and play.
・ It is recommended to keep on sticking every day!

みんなの将棋 - 100段階のレベルと対局・詰将棋・講座で実力アップ! screenshots 1みんなの将棋 - 100段階のレベルと対局・詰将棋・講座で実力アップ! screenshots 2みんなの将棋 - 100段階のレベルと対局・詰将棋・講座で実力アップ! screenshots 3

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App ID: jp.co.unbalance.shogiminna2
Filename: みんなの将棋 – 100段階のレベルと対局・詰将棋・講座で実力アップ!.APK
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