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なつものがたり -ステージ型なぞ解きストーリー 1.3.0 Download modded games for android 1 【特徴】




・ It is a stage-type mystery solving game set in a rural town in summer.
・ Solving the requests of the people in the town, playing with friends, etc. This is a collection of various short stories.
・ There are hints and answers for each stage, so even beginners can enjoy it to the end.
・ You can play all stages for free.

[How to play]
・ Tap the area you are interested in to find out.
-You can expand and get items.
・ Tap a person to hear the story.
* You may get hints and items, so talk to them positively.

-Tap the item field to enlarge the item.
-Swipe the item to the enlarged field to use the item.
-Swipe an item to a person to use the item.
-You may be able to use another item for the enlarged item.

・ Is it in the upper left of the screen? You can see hints and answers from the button.

【I recommend this hotel】
・ Those who like escape games, brain training puzzles, and mystery solving quizzes.
・ Those who want to enjoy a short story easily.
・ Those who want to play that summer again.
・ There are hints and answers, so it is recommended for beginners!

なつものがたり -ステージ型なぞ解きストーリー 1.3.0 screenshots 1なつものがたり -ステージ型なぞ解きストーリー 1.3.0 screenshots 2なつものがたり -ステージ型なぞ解きストーリー 1.3.0 screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: air.jp.globalgear.sumr
Filename: なつものがたり -ステージ型なぞ解きストーリー1.3.0.APK
Required: Android 5.0+
DOWNLOADs: 5,000+
Votes: 224

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