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おわかりいただけただろうか心霊写真で最恐ホラー体験 Download modded games for android 1 ▼操作方法▼



オワカリ イタダケタ ダロウカ…

写真/Cho Ongo、…and more
▼ method of operation ▼
Carefully observe the ⑴ photo.
⑵ finds the mysterious part.
Please press the “answer” button and tap the location where you thought it was ⑶ correct answer.

▼ Recommended for people ▼
I want to Kyakya while sticking with-lover
– To one lonely night I want to experience the horrors of about forget everything
– Spare evening, I would like to regret too scared to casually play.
– I want a story that can be a wah-wah to play with a friend
Horror game love.
– I want a story of the play-by-play.
– Quickly I want to come summer.
– Psychic spot and ghost stories would love story.
– Scary thing is I want to see.

Psychic photograph more than 50 pieces ….
After the play, please pay attention to the back of the sign. . .

We can see Itadaketa Darouka …

Voice / Bitachi over material Museum
Photo / Cho Ongo, … and more

おわかりいただけただろうか心霊写真で最恐ホラー体験 screenshots 1おわかりいただけただろうか心霊写真で最恐ホラー体験 screenshots 2おわかりいただけただろうか心霊写真で最恐ホラー体験 screenshots 3

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