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おねがい社長! Download modded games for android 1 やり方が手軽で、豊富なモードで満喫できる本格的な会社経営シミュレーション。プレイヤーはゼロから起業し、財産を積み上げ、自分だけのビジネス帝国を作り出せる。運命を塗り替えて、人生の勝者になっていこう!



高級車こそ男のロマンスなのだ! 勝ち組の人に欠かせない各式豪華な高級車を体験できる。さらに車の改造も思うままに。自分だけ唯一無二の車を作り出そう。




A full-scale company management simulation that is easy to use and can be enjoyed in a variety of modes. Players can start a business from scratch, accumulate property, and create their own business empire. Repaint your destiny and become the winner of your life!

■ Game overview

[Many lovely women]
Youthful and energetic idol girl, charming wolf, gentle and caring office lady. They are full of character and are waiting for your hiring. It is the proof of the best life that you can get both money and beauty!

[Experience luxury cars in the real world]
Luxury cars are men’s romance! You can experience luxurious luxury cars of each type that are indispensable for the winning team. You can also modify the car as you wish. Let’s make your own unique car.

[I leave the work to the beautiful secretary]
Needless to say, becoming a president is a talented secretary. They are meticulous and kind, and they handle all the tasks in the company. If it matters, leave them to them!

[Equipped with various modes such as human resource development, business negotiations, acquisitions]
By nurturing your favorite people, making good use of your wisdom to talk with other managers, and acquiring other companies, you can expand your company’s scale. Build your own business empire now!

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